Baborówko Foal Auction will be back in 2024

It is official! The fourth foal auction organized and created by Baborowko - Baborówko Foal Auction 2024 will be held on 9 August. The auction will stay in ONLIVE formula, what means that bidding will be possible live in Baborówko and online via

Baborówko Foal Auction 2024, just like 2023 edition will be a part of Baborowko Jumping Show (CSI2*/CSI1*/CSIYH1*). Show schedule includes two Longines Ranking classes.

The first edition of onlive Baborowko Foal Auction took place on 19th August 2023 and it was a great succes. 12 out of 14 offered foals found their new homes with Ogano’s foal Oro being the most expensive foal sold for 16 500 euro.

Selection process will start on 1 may.

See you in Baborówko